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Bishwobhora Praan: LIVE

8th May -9th May 2020

Bishwobhora Praan - The World Full of Vibrant Life is a first ever online production by Tagoreans. This was broadcast live from UK both on Facebook and youTube and has live viewership from all over the world.

Ananda Mela

8th Sep 2019

A Sunday afternoon of Bengali food, clothes, accessories & culture. There’s even the chance to walk away with some attractive raffle prizes!

Gurudev & Mahatma

7th Jul 2019
An innovative programme presented in English highlighting the mutual respect, ideological similarities and political differences between Gandhi & Tagore- explored through songs, dances, recitations, readings, and dramatised excerpts.

Anuranan: Resonance

1st Jul 2018

An innovative & unique programme of songs & dances exploring the lyrical/poetic similarity between Tagore’s songs and those of various other Bengali lyricists and composers over the years.

Awakening: Tagore's Journey

10th Sep 2017

An evening of songs, poetry, theatre and dance with Meera Syal, Sasha Ghoshal and our team of talented performers at The Tagoreans - exploring the impact of Rabindranath Tagore's creative works.

Ananda Mela: Festival of Joy

9th July 2017

Featuring delicious and mouth-watering food, exquisite sarees and outfits, attractive handicrafts, beauty treats and an enjoyable cultural show.

Smt. Pramita Mallick
& short play: Hoorling

1st Jul 2017

Solo recital by one of the leading exponents of Tagore’s music followed by a hilarious musical comedy based on Tagore’s Bashikaran (Spellbound).

Bashikaran - Spellbound
A Hilarious Comedy

6th Nov 2016

A rarely performed but extremely funny short play written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1901, Bashikaran (Spellbound) is the story of two friends.

Symposium 2: The Relevance of
Tagore in modern times

22nd Sep 2016

Our world is threatened with destruction by both predictable and unpredictable harms to humanity. Growing religious conflicts, war, political repression, poverty and environmental demise could make earth inhabitable to humans very soon.

সোনার তরী (The Golden Boat): 2

11th Sept 2016

Back by popular demand – For the 2nd consecutive year, an entertaining, relaxed and fun filled lunch cruise on the Thames – a great day out for the family.

Ananda Mela: The festival of Joy

16th July 2016

Our annual festival of joy - a free event, open to all - featuring delicious and mouth-watering food and much more...

An Afternoon Affair: Pramita Mallick

12th & 19th June 2016

A rare and unique series of musical afternoons with legendary musical exponent featuring group workshops for Rabindra Sangeet and Brahmo Sangeet.

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