Timeless Tagore - Chiroshokha 2

Alokananda Roy

Episode 2 brings to you the renowned danseuse, choreographer and social reformer Alokananda Roy. She has made headlines with her truly inspirational and transformational work with prison inmates using the power of dance, both in India and abroad, through her non profit social organisation Touchworld. She also runs her own dance school Chandanaloke Cultural Academy where she integrates gifted and talented children from the slums of Kolkata. Alokananda has been associated with The Tagoreans since 1986, when she first performed with us, here in the UK.

Do tune in on Sunday, 24 October 2021 at 330 pm UK/ 8pm India to watch Alokananda Roy, in conversation with The Tagoreans UK, on the next episode of Timeless Tagore - Chiroshokha, A Series of Conversations.

Timeless Tagore - Chiroshoka, A Series of Conversations is brought to you by The Tagoreans UK. Through this programme, which we hope to run for most of this year, we will bring to you various eminent personalities who have been instrumental in helping to keep Tagore truly timeless in their respective fields through their active and passionate service to our communities.



OCT 2021