Timeless Tagore - Chiroshokha:

Aniruddha Kumar Ghoshal (Sasha)

Episode 6 brings to you ANIRUDDHA KUMAR GHOSHAL (popularly known as SASHA), a versatile singer, actor and teacher. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Sasha studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music, whilst training in Hindustani classical music and later introduced to Rabindrasangeet.

Sasha moved to India with multiple scholarships from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and in India received extensive training in Hindustani classical music and Rabindrasangeet. Sasha has recorded over 20 albums, released by HMV, Times Music, Sony, Asha Audio and Bhavna, He regularly sang on television, for film playback, and live concerts globally. He also acted in western musicals on stage at the famous Minack Theatre in Cornwall, in the North American premiere of Bend It Like Beckham in Toronto and at the London Coliseum.

Our association with Sasha dates back to 2017 when he performed in the Tagoreans pathbreaking production ‘Awakening: Tagore’s Journey’ at the historical venue of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.



NOV 2022